“School is a place as sacred as any temple and studies is a religion that we students devotionally follow.”
I took admission in Class-XI and my first day in this school was none the less magical. I can’t forget the support and love of the teacher. I got here. This place seemed strange unusual to me. My teachers gave me not just the clearance about the stream I’ve chosen but also supported me throughout the journey.
It is very difficult for a person to adjust oneself in new place and accompanied by new fellows but here my classmates accepted me whole heartedly and we soon became friends.
The curricular activities and competition conducted in this school has given me opportunities to identify my hidden talent and the confidence. I hold Not just but all such activities has given me the moments of joy that will reside in my memories.
In the last year of my school I’m writing whole heartedly about my favorite place where I’ve had here is of great importance that always boosts me us with confidence. Here I got basket full of love joy, care and lots of learning that is unforgettable for me. These moments hold special corner in my heart.