When I remember the days of class -XI in my school. I start remembering the most beautiful and tantalising days where I laughed, enjoyed and discovered many things. The role of DPPS in my life is immense as when I came here in class XI. I was a new student but to my surprise all the teachers here in D.P. Public school were so cooperative and supportive that I felt like I am an old student of DPPS. I was astounded to see that the teachers out here were so skilled in their fields that they taught each and every topic in detail and all my concepts cleared in the class itself and if I had any doubts. I was always welcomed by the superb faculty in DPPS. The best part of my school is that it not only focuses on the extra-curricular activities and studies but also on the overall improvement and development of a students which is a rare feature in schools but I am blessed to have that in DPPS. The sporting staff always encouraged me to try new games and make my skills about sports more organized and developed. The environment of DPPS is soothing and relaxing that I have always felt like. I am in my home itself got various opportunities to participate in enter- school competitions through which my confidence increased. I made many beautiful friends in this school who motived me encouraged me and stood by my side always. I am or will always be thankful to the premises of DPPS as I spend the most beautiful and lovely moments of my life and made me realize that there’s no better time than School life. Now being in class XII, I want to make my school proud and to take it on the top through giving my 100% in every field because all I am will be in future I owe and owe that to my lovely and best school whom we say as D.P. Public school. The days I spend here with my friends and those beautiful memories. I made will be in scripted. in my heart forever.