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    My School is a place where I feel comfortable enough to clear all my doubts regarding my subjects, projects and also regarding my some issues. our teachers are so friendly and helpful by nature that they never think at once before helping us. our school D.P.P.S provides students with a lot of opportunities to achieve new heights in different fields of career. It’s place which provide us with an innumerable joy, happiness, and also the memories that one can hardly forget. Further our school has hard care rules which made the students to follow the discipline. More over council members. are selected very wisely and the ones who are capable enough gets the post.
    My journey in this school started in class -11th. When I took admission over here. The initial days were quiet tough and hard for me. It was all new for me all the fellow mates. teachers as well as the whole atmosphere of our school. But gradually time passed and I started inter acting with the good students as well as with my teachers and became familiar with the atmosphere. Further I got selected as member of discipline committee and it was a proud moment for me further. I got my name among the toppers of my class. We also went to other well-known schools for the different competitions like when we went to Delhi Public school for Arthotsav and to B.H.S for Alfresco also our school cricket and basketball went for many other competitions and also won those matches. Further our school was given the award of best school of Arthotsav in Delhi Public School.
    Then we had HAM, Badminton, tug of war, Volleyball matches where students had performed very well and had showed their endurance and capabilities. At last I want to conclude that school is not just a place where we get to know about, different subjects but also about some life lessons and also it’s, an emotion which flashes back into our eyes whenever we remember our old days after growing up. It is only the memories of our school that stays with us. Those smiling faces of the fellow mates, the winch time fun, teasing each cother and so on.

    Ananya Tiwari
    Class :- XII Sec:- E

    1.D.P. Public School which is situated in old Katra ,Prayagraj is one of the great School I have studied in.
    The school provides us with many ample opportunities to the students so that they can progress well.
    2. My School organises various activities for every class according to their levels so that they enjoy it well and learn well too.
    3. It provided various kinds of faculties like Science labs, library Sports room, infirmary etc.
    4. The environment is very good here as well as the staff here is so awesome friendly.
    The school also gives in best for the upbringing of students to do well in their lives.

    Shivansh Srivastava
    Class:- XII Sec:- D

    “School is a place as sacred as any temple and studies is a religion that we students devotionally follow.”
    I took admission in Class-XI and my first day in this school was none the less magical. I can’t forget the support and love of the teacher. I got here. This place seemed strange unusual to me. My teachers gave me not just the clearance about the stream I’ve chosen but also supported me throughout the journey.
    It is very difficult for a person to adjust oneself in new place and accompanied by new fellows but here my classmates accepted me whole heartedly and we soon became friends.
    The curricular activities and competition conducted in this school has given me opportunities to identify my hidden talent and the confidence. I hold Not just but all such activities has given me the moments of joy that will reside in my memories.
    In the last year of my school I’m writing whole heartedly about my favorite place where I’ve had here is of great importance that always boosts me us with confidence. Here I got basket full of love joy, care and lots of learning that is unforgettable for me. These moments hold special corner in my heart.

    Shikha Tiwari
    Class:- XII Sec :- E

    When I remember the days of class -XI in my school. I start remembering the most beautiful and tantalising days where I laughed, enjoyed and discovered many things. The role of DPPS in my life is immense as when I came here in class XI. I was a new student but to my surprise all the teachers here in D.P. Public school were so cooperative and supportive that I felt like I am an old student of DPPS. I was astounded to see that the teachers out here were so skilled in their fields that they taught each and every topic in detail and all my concepts cleared in the class itself and if I had any doubts. I was always welcomed by the superb faculty in DPPS. The best part of my school is that it not only focuses on the extra-curricular activities and studies but also on the overall improvement and development of a students which is a rare feature in schools but I am blessed to have that in DPPS. The sporting staff always encouraged me to try new games and make my skills about sports more organized and developed. The environment of DPPS is soothing and relaxing that I have always felt like. I am in my home itself got various opportunities to participate in enter- school competitions through which my confidence increased. I made many beautiful friends in this school who motived me encouraged me and stood by my side always. I am or will always be thankful to the premises of DPPS as I spend the most beautiful and lovely moments of my life and made me realize that there’s no better time than School life. Now being in class XII, I want to make my school proud and to take it on the top through giving my 100% in every field because all I am will be in future I owe and owe that to my lovely and best school whom we say as D.P. Public school. The days I spend here with my friends and those beautiful memories. I made will be in scripted. in my heart forever.

    Aviral Tiwari, School Captain (D.P.P.S.)
    Class :- XII Sec :- E

    1. In a small and secure environment that the school provided, transitioned us from the shy introverts to confident adults.
    2. We are pleased with the ethos of the school, which aspires to identify each child’s capabilities & provides an environment that enables all the students to achieve their potential.
    3. The teachers are very supportive here, whether it’s doubts solving or anything such related to academics. As the students, we feel very comfortable to communicate with our teachers.
    4. School has great facility of sports and other curricular activities that helps us in enhancing our all-over-personalities.
    5. As the students of this school, we are confident to say that this is are a truly child centric school in every meaning. A school where we can grow intellectually, socially, emotionally and spiritually-as a fully functioning human being.
    6. We have identified a better self since we have been in this school. Our self-confidence increased tremendously and in all we can truly say that Legacy brought out the best in us thus far.
    7. The management & staff are very approachable and open to suggestions. The school does it’s best to provide a space for all the students to thrive.
    8. The warmth, love and guidance, we the students got from respected Principal ma’am and Coordinator ma’am. and all the teachers is definitely something. we as the student will always be grateful and thankful for.
    9. Appreciation for all the encouragements, motivations, support, help, assistance. Kindness, patience, understanding, advice and guidance and for always being their for us.
    10. Great school, great environment and great support! We pray, the school continuous to grow and strengthen their care vision that makes them stand apart from others.

    Manashui Kaithal & Raunak Sagar
    Class :- XII Sec:- A

    About Us

    The Dwarka Prasad Public School (DPPS), a CBSE affiliated School was established in 1987 under the aegis of “The Katra Education Society”, Prayagraj, established in 1938 by one of the biggest and brightest academicians of his time Master Dwarka Prasad ji. Living up to the founders vision this Society has also been running another premier institution of Prayagraj – D.P. Girls Intermediate College, affiliated to U.P. Board.